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Strawberry Gorilla Auto | 420 Fast Buds

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  • 1st Place Champion. Winner of the first American Autoflower Cup in Los Angeles, California, in January 2023.
  • One of the strongest autos on the planet. An insane lab tested 29.86% of total cannabinoids.
  • The real deal strawberry flavor. The rare terpene profile makes for a genuine and super intense strawberry taste.
  • Perfect all day smoke. A functional everyday high thanks to the Sativa dominant genetics.
  • An auto that can beat photoperiods. Owns the ‘Highest Combined Terpenes’ title in the ‘Home Grow Hash’ at the Farmer’s Cup 2023 in San Diego, California.
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ATTENTION ALL! Due to our continuous efforts in evolving our breeding process, we are proud to confirm that our Strawberry Gorilla Auto has now become one of the most potent autoflowers in the world! Paving the way to our recent success where she ranked on top & brought home the gold at the very first American Autoflower Cup in California. This intense strawberry tasting variety now boasts a total of 29.86% in cannabinoids, resulting in a jaw dropping 28.417% THC. Moreover, she proved that not only modern autoflowers can compete with photoperiods, but they can even beat them in their field. At the most recent edition of the Farmer’s Cup and competing against various photoperiodic strains, Strawberry Gorilla Auto took home the title of ‘Highest Combined Terpenes’ in the highly sought-after ‘Home Grow Hash’ category, with an impressive 97.163 mg/g total terpene content! Our exceptional genetic selection’s crowning Strawberry Gorilla Auto strain is a spectacular hybrid known for producing yields of up to 600 gr/m2 in 70 days. This is a very manageable grow that can reach heights of up to 150cm – due to its magnitude we recommend it for more experienced growers, as a huge plant may be a little overwhelming for first-timers. This show stopping 28.417% THC sativa heavy hybrid is perfect as an all day smoke, producing a taste bud tingling, pungent berry and diesel terpene-rich flavor combo that alleviates muscle pain while leaving you with a grin from ear to ear, a perfect choice for those looking for a day-and-night autoflower!

Bud description

Strawberry Gorilla Auto nugs are extremely frosty, a true work of art. This variety produces lime-green buds with oversized spade-shaped tips and bright-orange hairs that add beautiful fuzzy streaks of golden throughout the buds. This strain reeks of a gassy strawberry lollipop aroma that only gets stronger as you break the buds open, so expect flowers that are as rich in terpenes as they’re heavy in resin.

Smoke report

With up to 28.417% THC, this autoflower offers a powerful hybrid high. Strawberry Gorilla Auto effects start in the head as an intense feeling of happiness that boosts creativity and It’ll have you as deep in your thoughts as you can be.

After a couple of minutes, the strong effect slowly moves to the rest of the body and anchors you down, leaving your mind and body deeply relaxed. It’s an all-day strain for those looking to get the best of both worlds as this variety is strong and hits you with a strong pulsating wave on the mind and body without being too narcotic, a great variety that can treat muscle pain and appetite loss while still opening up the mind artistically.

Plant appearance

Expect extremely vigorous plants with chunky resin-coated buds. Strawberry Gorilla Auto develops medium-sized fan leaves and a typical Christmas tree structure, with a tall main cola and several long side branches that can handle the huge buds effortlessly. Thanks to the exquisite genetic selection, the buds produce very small sugar leaves, making your trimming as easy as possible while leaving resin to grow where it really matters: the buds.

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