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Kosher Cake Auto | 420 Fast Buds

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  • Get baked! A powerful autoflower with 25% THC.
  • Tasty tokes. Expect a delicious flavor of cookie dough and sweet cake.
  • First-class yielder. A super-producer that can yield up to 550gr/m2 in just under 65 days!
  • The perfect cake every time.  Expect a pleasant head buzz with an extremely relaxing body high.
  • A trichome powerhouse. Frostbitten buds that look like they’ve been dipped in white frosting.
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This autoflower grows up to 120cm and yields around 550gr/m2 of first-class buds that reek of a delicious mix of raw cookie dough and sweet cake. Thanks to the 25% THC, this variety offers a hard-hitting Indica effect that will melt your muscles while the Sativa provides a head buzz that feels like you’re soaring through the sky. A truly vigorous strain that won’t be afraid of showing its full potential and due to the strong resin production and unique flavors, an excellent strain for extractors and commercial growers who are looking for distinct flavors.

Bud description

You can expect dense buds that exhibit a light-green coloration with yellowish hues and long dark-orange hairs. The large-sized nugs grow quite thick and present small calyxes with a thick coat of resin that makes them sparkle beautifully, giving them that sticky look we all love. The pungent aroma will penetrate your nostrils as soon as you break the buds open, releasing a smell that old-school growers will relate to kush but with a completely different background which makes the terpene profile on this variety unique.

Smoke report

Thanks to the 25% THC you will experience a pleasant head buzz that gets you in a euphoric and motivated mindset while leaving you completely relaxed and melting all worries away. Due to its Indica side, the head buzz transforms into a more sedative effect, this strain will give you the munchies and may get you severely couch-locked, putting you to sleep if smoked too much, so it’s better suited for nighttime use or for those suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.

Plant appearance

Kosher Cake Auto exhibits the best characteristics of both Indica and Sativa species, this variety will grow quite tall, reaching up to 120cm with a few side branches that grow on the shorter side, giving it a compact appearance. Despite the compact structure, this strain yields big and can produce up to 550gr/m2 in just under 65 days, making it a great choice for those who want a quick grow cycle without affecting the quality of the harvest.

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Grow tips

This is an easy-to-grow variety that with just the basics will reward you with top-quality flowers, just remember to feed her properly to ensure the buds fatten up as they should and your plant doesn’t suffer any kind of nutrient deficiencies. We recommend performing LST techniques to allow light to reach deeper, resulting in higher yields and air to flow in between the buds; Despite being quite resistant it’s essential you prevent bugs and mold from getting into your buds. We recommend providing support to the branches during the flowering stage because, due to its Indica heritage, the buds will get very dense and the branches may end up snapping.


Expect an overall powerful sweet pastry taste; This strain overpowers your taste buds with a flavor that may be familiar to old-school growers but with a new twist that makes its flavor unique. You can expect a strong cake taste with hints of kush that compliments the flavor perfectly and slowly transforms into a more cookie dough-like yet still surprisingly sweet flavor on the exhale, the ideal terp mix for those who prefer classic flavors but still want to experience new things from time to time.

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