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Cherry Cola Auto | 420 Fast Buds

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  • Impressive development potential. This strain is able to produce yields of up to 600 gr/m2, and reach the height of up to 150 cm.
  • Fruity and refreshing. Bursting with yummy cherry cola terpenes for a mouthwatering tasty aroma.
  • Balanced effects and versatile nature. This strain is a great choice for an enjoyable smoke, no matter the time of the day!
  • The Cherry and gassy combination. Creates a delicious and unforgettable taste that fills your mouth.
  • A hashmaker’s dream. Enjoy mouth-watering hash, resin and other extractions!
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One of the most potent autoflowers on the planet, with the lab test results of a total 29.936% cannabinoids, 28.159% of which being THC. That makes our Cherry Cola Auto a true standout in the cannabis world. However, Cherry Cola Auto isn’t just about potency. This strain also offers a delicious and unique flavor profile, with notes of tropical berries and sweet cherry cola. Thanks to its high-quality genetics, it’s a fast-growing and robust plant that can yield up to 500-600 gr/m2 in just under 70 days. Ultimately what really sets Cherry Cola Auto apart from the rest would be the overall effects. With a well-balanced and potent high, this strain delivers a joyful sense of well-being, allowing you to zone out and disconnect, whilst guiding you on a relaxed and care-free journey through your day. Whether you’re looking to unwind or simply crave a flavorful and potent smoking experience, Cherry Cola Auto is a stellar choice. With its high levels of cannabinoids, unique flavor profile, and impressive yield potential, Cherry Cola Auto is a must try for both seasoned growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Bud description

Expect extremely frosty nugs with a mind-blowing cherry smell. Cherry Cola Auto produces magnificently dense light-green buds with specks of magenta and long dark-orange hairs that finish with a bluish tinge thanks to the thick layer of resin.

The mysterious terpene mix slowly but surely unravels its secrets: as soon as you break the buds apart the whole room gets filled with a fruity diesel smell. The powerful aroma gradually turns into a sweet cherry candy smell with an indescribable fizzy background. Definitely the right choice for those looking to get their hands on the terpy-est autoflowers out there and take extractions to a whole new level.

Smoke report

Thanks to the balanced genetics, this variety offers a strong yet well-balanced high that can be felt almost immediately after taking the first hit. Cherry Cola Auto delivers a joyful effect that lifts your mood and completely relaxes your mind, leaving you stress-free and in an overall happy state of mind.

The initial head high slowly turns into a more corporal effect that can alleviate muscle pain and help deal with anxiety and eating disorders without leaving you extremely couch-locked. It’s a great strain with a versatile effect, perfect for those who want to start their days with the right foot, go through a busy day stress-free, and end their nights sleeping like a baby.

Plant appearance

This strain offers the best of both Indica and Sativa varieties. Cherry Cola Auto grows vigorously and super tall, reaching up to 150cm and developing a sturdy main cola with several thick side branches around it that can withstand the 600gr/m2 harvest without thinking about it twice.

This variety develops fairly bushy, developing thin and narrow dark-green leaves that fade into a beautiful pinkish light-green and get completely covered in trichomes by harvest time. So if you’re an extractor or hash maker, get your trimming bin prepared for this one!

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Grow tips

Benefitting from stable growing conditions, Cherry Cola Auto needs a temperature range of around 68-80°F (20-27°C) and humidity ranging from 40-60% to cultivate nicely.

A well-draining soil mix is recommended to have your ladies flourishing, it’s best to choose a quality soil that’s rich in nutrients and includes coco coir or perlite for improved drainage.

With this strain’s short, and bushy growth pattern it’s advantageous in the early stages to perform low-stress training (LST) or topping, which will enhance lateral branching and can even improve your yield!

As with all grows it is advisable to closely monitor your plants by regularly checking for pests and diseases – especially with this lady, as she can produce particularly dense buds!  As a preventive measure there are plenty of organic pest control methods you can follow, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals.

Additionally it’s good to remember about the benefits of using exhaust fans. If you have one of these running 24/7 it will regulate the humidity and prevent mold from forming.

As Cherry Cola Auto forms thick, and heavy buds, tying down the branches will work wonders for improving airflow and increasing light exposure – evenly distributing the essentials so all of the buds get their fair share. Not only will this prevent the formation of popcorn buds, it reduces the risk of pests as well, stimulating better bud development.

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of SCRoG (Screen of Green) setups, the long main cola and side branches of this variety are ideal, this method especially makes training easier with greater control over the plant’s structure!


Cherry Cola Auto delivers a tropical explosion of flavor with each hit,  beginning with a distinct gassy undertone that intensifies with every inhale. As you exhale, the gassiness mellows out and makes way for a vibrant and fizzy combination of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry flavors that linger on your taste buds. The fruity flavors combine to create a delicious and unforgettable taste that fills your mouth and leaves a lingering aroma of fresh berries in the air. This strain is perfect for those who love making hash, extracts, or just want to indulge in a flavorful and aromatic experience.


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